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Next Time ….. outlines just a few reasons why advertSAFE is needed. A website or blog can gain instant trust by displaying the partner site seal which encourages users to become verified members and display their own ID badge online.

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I’m advertSAFE ….. Examples of some individuals who benefit from becoming advertSAFE members and proudly display their ID badge or site seal when advertising online – trust is everything, so help spread it with us!

Partner video

Become a Partner ….. This short video explains the main benefits of becoming an advertSAFE approved partner by displaying the free site seal for all to see and how to go about it. It’s easy to do in just a few simple steps and costs nothing!

  • Download the WordPress Plugin and install.
  • Use the ”advertSAFE Site Seal” widget to render the Site Seal in a prominent place throughout your website.
  • Place the ”advertSAFE User ID Badge” widget where you would like your users ID badge to render if they have one.
  • To make money from your Site Seal sign up to our affiliate program either with ShareASale or AffiliateBase
  • Copy and paste the site seal code into the field supplied within the advertSAFE site seal settings.
  • You could send your users a special newsletter encouraging them to become advertSAFE to gain extra trust. Remember to use your special affiliate code in the links!
  • Submit your website to the advertSAFE Partners Directory by entering basic information about your website here (go straight to step 2 on the page). This must only be done if the site seal is clearly visible throughout your website. Suitable website are only approved for inclusion into the partners directory.

Why display the site seal

      • The WordPress site seal plugin adds trust to your website or blog and users
      • We pay you 25% commission on any members joining through your site seal
      • Plus 10% tier 2 commission from partners who sign up through your site seal
      • No cookie expiry! So earn commissions for life
      • We offer free support because we care about your site just as much as you do.

A bit more info

The WordPress site seal plugin by advertSAFE is a simple and perfect FREE solution to add instant trust to a website and it’s users. We also pay 25% commission from any new member sign ups through your site seal.

We verify the identity of ordinary internet users and advertisers across the globe. Are users who they say they are? Are they a scammer? Criminal? Really a man or woman? If you don’t ask yourself these questions, your site visitors and potential members certainly do!

What if you can dispel these fears in one easy step? What if you could provide peace of mind for your site visitors and users?

Display the advertSAFE free site seal on your website. This naturally gains more trust and encourages people to become advertSAFE verified. Watch general user confidence, trust and your site’s reputation grow.

Who can use this site seal?
The site seal is perfect for community and listings based websites to promote trust for the site and users. Ideal for forums, classified ad sites, online dating, holiday home rental and any site where users can advertise, create a user profile or post comment and reviews.

How do I earn money from the site seal?
Once you have installed the plugin and the site seal is clearly visible throughout your site. Complete a short form in the plugin settings and we will email you a code to place in a field within settings.

advertSAFE pays 25% commission on sales with no cookie expiry. This includes membership fees or upgrades. Any other partner site joining us through your site seal will also earn you 10% override commission from their sales, so make sure your site seal is positioned well throughout your website!


WordPress site seal screenshots

Screenshot 1

Settings ….. Shows how to make money from your WordPress plugin site seal by completing the short form and entering the code we send you by email directly after.

Screenshot 2

Widgets ….. Shows the two widgets, one to render your site seal and the other to render a users ID badge if they have one.

Screenshot 3

User ID Badge ….. Shows how a user can join advertSAFE by clicking your site seal & then entering their ID badge code. It is then rendered wherever you have placed the user ID badge widget.

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